Arash Ghorbanalizadeh
Arash Ghorbanalizadeh
+98 24 3315 5110
ghorbanalizadeh [at]
Mathematics Building, Room 110

Research interests

• Approximation: Polynomial approximation, Approximation by positive linear operators, 
Moduli of smoothness; 
• Harmonic Analysis: Fourier series; Function spaces; (Singular) Integral (convolution 
type) operators; 


Real Analysis II - For direct PhD students


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Arash Ghorbanalizadeh, "On the bivariate generalization of Bernstein-Fomin operators", PIMM, Vol. 44, NO. 2, 12, 2018, doi: 209221

Arash Ghorbanalizadeh and Yoshihiro Sawano, "Approximation in Banach space by linear positive operators", Positivity, Vol. 18, NO. 3, 2, 2014, doi: 1111701302642

Arash Ghorbanalizadeh, "On the order of weighted approximation of unbounded functions by some generalizations of Gadjiev–Ibragimov operators", Journal of Applied Analysis, Vol. 20, NO. 1, 6, 2014, doi: 20140008

Akif Gadjiev and Oktay Duman and AM Ghorbanalizadeh, "Ideal Convergence of ", Journal of Function spaces and Applications, Vol. 2012, NO. 1, 1, 2012, doi: 178316

V Burenkov and A Ghorbanalizadeh and Y Sawano , "Uniform boundedness of Kantorovich operators in Morrey spaces", Positivity, Vol. 22, NO. 4, 9, 2018, doi: 111170180561

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