Behzad Nemati Saray
Behzad Nemati Saray
+98 24 3315 5042
bn.saray [at]
Mathematics Building, Room 042

Research interests

Wavelets and their applications
Numerical solution of differential equations
Signal and image processing


Mehdi Dehghan, Behzad Nemati Saray, Mehrdad Lakestani, "Mixed finite difference and Galerkin methods for solving Burgers equations using interpolating scaling functions", Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, Vol. 37, NO. 6, 4, 2014, doi: 1016

Mehdi Dehghan, Behzad Nemati Saray, Mehrdad Lakestani, "Three methods based on the interpolation scaling functions and the mixed collocation finite difference schemes for the numerical solution of the nonlinear generalized Burgers equation", Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Vol. 55, NO. 3, 2, 2012, doi: 1016

Mehrdad Lakestani, Behzad Nemati Saray, Mehdi Dehghan, "Numerical solution for the weakly singular Fredholm integro-differential equations using Legendre multiwavelets", Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 235, NO. 11, 4, 2011, doi: 1016

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