Mohsen Lashgari

Mohsen Lashgari

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Building, Room 205
lashgari [at]


A tenured Professor of Physical Electrochemistry and a veteran of the group

Research Interests

* Finding Sustainable Strategies and Fundamental Solutions for Energy/Water/Fuel and Environmentally related Complex Issues
** Green Technologies, Pollutant Transformation, and Artificial Photosynthesis of Chemicals/Fuels
*** Semiconductor-based Solar Energy Materials (Thin-film & Bulk) and Photoelectrochemical Devices/Reactors
**** Hazmat, Corrosion and Environmental Remedy
***** Solar-based  Fuels/Phenomena

Research Keywords

Physico-Electro-Chemical Phenomena; Atomistic Hydrogenation; Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry; Advanced Oxidation/Reduction; Abiotic/Biotic Systems; Electromicrobiology; Corrosion/Protection; Catalysis & Electrostatic Boosting Strategy; Applied Physical Chemistry
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