Mohsen Lashgari
Mohsen Lashgari
+98 24 3315 3205
lashgari [at]
Chemistry Building, Room 205


Mohsen Lashgari, Majid Ghanimati, "A new efficient eco-friendly quaternary solid-solution nanoenergy material for photocatalytic hydrogen fuel production from H2S aqueous feed", Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 358, NO. 1, 2, 2019, doi: 101016

M. Lashgari, P. Zeinalkhani, "Ammonia photosynthesis under ambient conditions using an efficient nanostructured FeS2/CNT solar-energy-material with water feedstock and nitrogen gas", Nano Energy, Vol. 48, NO. 1, 1, 2018, doi: 101016

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