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Virtual Orientation held at Computer Science & Information Technology Department

Given the University’s limited attendance policy, which is in accordance with health guidelines and Covid-19 protocols, the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) has held a Virtual Orientation ceremony to welcome its new Computer Science and Computer Engineering Master’s students.

In this online gathering, which was held on 15 December 2020, the Head of the CSIT Department, Dr Sadeghi Bigham, welcomed the new students and gave a brief introduction to the Department. He said the CSIT faculty are highly motivated and knowledgeable and, as in previous years, endeavour to deliver highly capable graduates to Iran and to the world. Their only expectation, he said, was that the students worked hard and followed their lead in maintaining and improving the quality of education and research at the Department.

After the welcoming address, each member of the faculty briefly introduced themselves and their research interests following which the Head of the Department went briefly over the salient points of the educational regulations and the academic programme of both degree courses.

In conclusion, a previously shot video clip was shown in which the new students introduced themselves and talked about their interests. The clip had been prepared in the days before the event in order to save time during the ceremony and may be accessed at the link below.


Virtual Orientation held at Computer Science & Information Technology Department

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