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Heads of Student Affairs Organisation and Student Welfare Fund visit IASBS

The Head of the Student Affairs Organisation, Dr Hashem Dadashpour, and the Head of the Student Welfare Fund, Dr Masoud Ganji have paid a short visit to the IASBS. The visit took place on Wednesday, 5 January 2022.

Following a tour of a number of the IASBS research labs, Dr Dadashpour spoke in praise of the research efforts and achievements at the IASBS, especially the steps taken to attract support given to research by benefactors. The tour was extended to include a visit to the Torkaman Library, the Najafi Refectory, the IASBS Gymnasium, and the dormitories. Dr Dadashpour commended the IASBS President for the significant steps he had taken to fight Covid and to re-open the University with due observation of health protocols during the pandemic. This was followed by a meeting held at the IASBS President’s Meeting Hall under full observance of Covid health protocols and social distancing. 

At the start of the meeting, the IASBS President, Professor Babak Karimi, welcomed the visitors and elaborated on the unique attributes of the University in education and research. Dr Dadashpour in turn pointed to some of the plans of the Student Affairs Organisation and made pledges for continued improvement of the University’s services, and assistance to the students, especially in nutrition. A full report was also provided in the meeting on the programmes executed at the Student Affairs Department and its future plans.

In the conclusion of the meeting, Dr Ganji spoke of the mechanisms through which the Student Welfare Fund could cooperate with and assist the IASBS to promote plans that would benefit the students. 

Wed, 05 Jan 2022

Heads of Student Affairs Organisation and Student Welfare Fund visit IASBS

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