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Iran's economic attachés to 22 countries visit IASBS

The economic attachés of the Islamic Republic of Iran to 22 countries have visited the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, IASBS. A Foreign Ministry delegation headed by the Director of the Department for Economic Information and Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Mohammed Javad Hemmatpanah, visited the IASBS on Tuesday, 1 August 2023.

After visiting a number of the IASBS laboratories, a meeting was held with the economic attachés in the Meeting Hall of the Department of Physics. In this meeting, the President of the University, Prof Babak Karimi, welcomed the Foreign Ministry delegation and pointed out the various characteristics of the University including its general mission in basic sciences, its superior educational and research indicators, its rich scientific and international collaborations with leading countries in basic sciences, a suitable communication platform with the industry through the IASBS Science and Technology Park, and other aspects. Given these prominent features, the IASBS President called for facilitating and removing obstacles in scientific diplomacy and team cooperation between the University and the scientific and technological centres of different countries. Prof Karimi also mentioned the very important role of international communication for the faculty and the students, and the profound effects of this type of communication on the dialogue between cultures. He emphasised that the country's economic and cultural attachés could indeed help to provide closer ties and facilitate this type of communication. 

This was followed by the director of the IASBS Scientific and International collaboration Office, Dr Zahra Mousavi, who provided information about the recent steps taken by the University to facilitate means of attracting students. 

Then the head of the Department for Economic Information and Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Dr Mohammed Javad Hemmatpanah, expressed gratitude to the IASBS for their warm hospitality and stressed the role of universities in the amount of progress made at different scientific levels in the world, and the importance of using the capacity of the Iranian scientists living abroad. He emphasised that they would do their utmost to help exchange faculty and students. 

In the conclusion of the programme, the guests visited the IASBS Science and Technology Park and the knowledge-based companies located at the Research Institute for Modern Technologies in Basic Sciences.

Fri, 04 Aug 2023

Iran's economic attachés to 22 countries visit IASBS

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