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IASBS Central Laboratory promoted to Capable ranking

According to the latest performance evaluation results of the member laboratories of the country's "Strategic Technologies Laboratory Network" (LabsNet), the Central Laboratory of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS) has succeeded in obtaining the ‘Capable’ level in the ranking system of this network. According to the LabsNet report on the number of registered services provided by the member laboratories of this network, in the first half of this year (Iranian year beginning on 21 March 2023), the IASBS Central Laboratory ranked 24 out of the 683 laboratories in the network, within the group of laboratories "with more than 1000 registered services".

The Strategic Technologies Laboratory Network (a division of the Vice President’s Department for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy) has various support mechanisms for the members of the network in order to help develop laboratory activities, promote their capabilities, help with their growth and development, and improve their performance. LabsNet’s support is granted every year on the basis of the ranking of each laboratory according to its performance evaluation that comes in the form of groups as ‘Potential’, ‘Probationary’, ‘Active’, ‘Capable’, ‘Distinguished’, and ‘Pioneering’ members.

The IASBS President has expressed his gratitude to those colleagues who actively participated in this endeavour and congratulated the scientific community, especially the IASBS Central Laboratory for achieving this position.

Sat, 18 Nov 2023

IASBS Central Laboratory promoted to Capable ranking

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