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Students’ Day celebrations held

Students’ Day celebrations have been held at the IASBS. In this ceremony, which was held on 9 December 2023 at the IASBS Conference Hall in the presence of the distinguished Governor General of Zanjan, Dr Mohsen Afsharchi, and accompanying delegation, the IASBS President, Prof Babak Karimi, and the Head of the Supreme Leader’s Office for Zanjan Universities, Hujatul-Islam Ali Qaradaghi, the presence of students and alumni was deemed significant.

At the start of the ceremony, the IASBS President Prof Karimi welcomed the guests and congratulated the students on their day, elaborating on the reason for naming this day and saying that despite limited resources, the students' energy and enthusiasm for learning, renewal and creativity were quite pleasing and an important factor in making progress in all scientific fields in the University and in the country at large. He said we needed to provide conditions that would enhance vitality and hope in the youth. Wherever we had given these youngsters a free rein, he said, and their energy had been used in the right direction, it had brought remarkable results for the country. Prof Karimi said we had to know the young people’s worth and try to create hope in them.

Then, the distinguished Governor General of Zanjan, Dr Mohsen Afsharchi, talked about the bright future ahead of the youth saying that making progress in different scientific fields was the key to the success of any country, and to achieve this, all obstacles had to be removed. Young people, he said, had to have hope and continue their efforts to acquire knowledge.

Afterwards, the top students in each field of study at master’s and doctoral levels were praised and honoured. In the final part, live traditional music was performed by a team of IASBS students followed by various stand-up competitions, dubbing animations, poetry reading, poetry competition, and introduction of student clubs.

Sun, 10 Dec 2023

Students’ Day celebrations held

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