Mahtab Aflaki

Mahtab Aflaki

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences Building, Room A107
aflaki [at]

Research Interests

Active tectonics
Stress analysis
Structural geology


Advanced structural geology (1)

Advanced structural geology (2)




General geology

Selected Publications

  • Vajedian, Sanaz and Aflaki, Mahtab and Mousavi, Zahra and Ghods, Abdolreza and Walker, Richard and Maurer, Jeremy, "Seismotectonic modeling of the 2017 Hojedk (Kerman) earthquake sequence from joint inversion of InSAR and offset tracking techniques", Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol. 288, 2023

  • Aflaki, Mahtab and Shabanian, Esmaeil and Sahami, Sabah and Arshadi, Masoud, "Evolution of the stress field at the junction of Talesh--Alborz--Central Iran during the past 5 Ma: Implications for the tectonics of NW Iran", Tectonophysics, Vol. 821, 2021

  • Aflaki, Mahtab and Mousavi, Zahra, "Interaction between the far-field stress and crustal boundary faults in the kinematics of active deformation around the Lut Block, Eastern Iran", Tectonophysics, Vol. 817, NO. 116, 2021

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