Mahmoud Shirazi

Mahmoud Shirazi

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and IT

Information Technology and Computer Science Building, Room 231
m.shirazi [at]

Research Interests

Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Energy Aware/Efficient Computing
Dependable Real-Time Systems
High Performance and Parallel Computing
Database and Business Intelligence (BI)


Real-Time Systems - (Real-Time Scheduling, Schedulability Analysis, Fault-tolerance and dependability, Energy Aware/Efficient Scheduling)

Parallel Computing - (Parallel Architectures, Parallel Networks and Algorithms, OpenMPI, Cuda)

Advanced Database - (Normalization, Indexing, Query Optimization, Concurrency Control, Big Data Technologies, Business Intelligence)

Advanced Programming - (C++ Programming)

Web Design - (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, AngularJS)

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