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Dr Abolfazl Rezaei’s paper published as outstanding article in prestigious Earth System Dynamics journal

A research article by Dr Abolfazl Rezaei has been selected and published as an outstanding paper by the editor in chief of Earth System Dynamics journal. In this work, changes in water storage and its controlling parameters, including precipitation, temperature, evaporation and transpiration; actual and potential, vegetation cover, and soil moisture, caused by global warming and also climate engineering (as a strategy to make the planet cooler) in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and North Africa are assessed for the future period 2071-2100. Water plays a very vital role in the lives of people in the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean region as "climate hotspots”. The results of this research show that, in general, global warming will reduce water storage in all the mentioned areas, especially the shores of the Caspian and Mediterranean seas (except for the Arabian Peninsula). On the other hand, climate engineering partially neutralises the changes in water storage caused by global warming, but cannot completely return the conditions in all places to the state before global warming. Nevertheless, the interesting point is that climate engineering will increase the volume of water storage in dry areas such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq compared to the current global conditions.

The selection of the highlighted article by the chief editor is to emphasise the importance of the findings of that article for the readers of the journal and shows the high quality of the results obtained by the research team. Dr Abolfazl Rezaei is a member of the IASBS’s Centre for Research in Climate Change and Global Warming (CRCC) and a faculty member of the Department of the Earth Sciences.

The CRCC expresses its sincere congratulations to Dr Rezaei on this valuable achievement and wishes him ever increasing success.

For more information about this article, click Earth System Dynamics.

Wed, 21 Feb 2024

Dr Abolfazl Rezaei’s paper published as outstanding article in prestigious Earth System Dynamics journal

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