Amin Abdollahi

Amin Abdollahi

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Building, Room 131
a.abdollahi [at]


Stimuli-responsive or smart polymers were the most important research area in recent years. Smart polymers are classified into different categories such as light-responsive, temperature-responsive, pH-responsive, gas-responsive and etc. The responsivity of smart polymers is observable as the change in physical and chemical properties in response to induced external stimuli. Light-responsive polymers are very unique and attractive because of the physical nature of light, tunable intensity, controllability out of the system, and availability in each space and time. 
Dr. Amin Aabdollahi's research group is focused on different categories of stimuli-responsive polymers especially light-responsive polymers based on photochromic and fluorescent organic compounds. The light-responsive polymers are synthesized as polymer nanoparticles by emulsion polymerization methods, self-assembly, and nanoprecipitation of block-copolymers synthesized by atom-transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) and reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT). Spiropyran, oxazolidine, and coumarin are the most significant light-responsive compounds that were synthesized and used by our group. Light-responsive polymers have potential applications in various fields such as chemosensors, smart nanoinks, visualization of latent fingerprints, drug-delivery, gen-delivery, and fluorescence bioimaging. 
Light-responsive nanofibers, Janus polymer nanoparticles, star block copolymers, antibacterial polymers, and polymer dots are other research interests of our group. In addition, we are interested in collaborating with industrials and companies to transfer production technology in the fields of thermoset resins, water-based emulsion resins for the paint and adhesive industry, polymer inks, and also impact-modifier for the plastic industry.

Research Interests

Emulsion and Miniemulsion Polymerization
Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP)
Stimuli-Responsive Polymers
Light-Responsive Chemosensors
Functionalized Polymer Nanoparticles
Antimicrobial Polymers
Synthesis of Photochromic and Fluorescent Compounds

Research Keywords

Polymer Chemistry, Emulsion Polymerization, Smart Polymers, Chemosensors, Photochromic, Spiropyran, Oxazolidine.


Polymer Characterization - Master of Science (Polymer Chemistry)

Polymer Technology - Master of Science (Polymer Chemistry)

Physical Chemistry of Polymers - Master of Science (Polymer Chemistry)

Polymer Synthesis - Master of Science (Polymer Chemistry)

Nanotechnology of Polymers - Master of Science (Nano Chemistry)

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