Born in Zanajn, Iran, August 23,1932.
Educated at
  • Tehran Univ., Iran,1950-1953;
  • Univ. of Toronto, Canada 1958-1960;
  • Univ. of Chicago, USA, 1960-1963;
  • B. Sc. Physics, 1953;
  • M.A., Physics 1960;
  • Ph.D., Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1963.
Professor of physics, Shiraz University and IASBS;
Associate Fellow
  • Center for Theoritical Physics and Mathematics, AEOI, Tehran, 1986-to date;
  • International Center for Theoritical Physics(ICTP), 1987-1993;
Member, Scientific Council, ICTP, 1988- 1991
  • in High school in Tabriz, Iran, 1953-1956;
  • Cartographic Organization of Iran, Tehran, 1956-1958;
Lecturer, Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Newcastle on Tyne, UK, 1963-1964;
Visiting Associate Professor
  • Dept. of Physics, Shiraz Univ., 1964-1971;
  • Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of pennsylvania, 1968-1969;
Founder of
  • Birouni Observatory, Shiraz, Iran, 1971,
  • Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran 1991.
Visiting Professor, Dept. of Physics, Northeastern Univ., Boston, 1991-1992

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Positions Held

Research, Associate, Dept. of Math., University of Chicago, summer, 1963

Lecturer, Dept. of Math., University of Newcastle on Tyne, 1968-1964

Associate Professor, Physics, Shiraz University, 1964-1970

Visiting Associate Professor, Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania, 1968-1969

Visiting Associate Professor, Physics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, 1970-1971

Founder, Biruni Observatory of Shiraz University, 1971

Founding Director, Biruni Observatory of Shiraz University, 1971-1981

Professor of Physics, Shiraz University, 1971 to 1999

Chairman, Physics Department, Shiraz University, 1972-1974 and 1978-1980

Visiting Senior Researcher, Astronomical Institute, University of Amsterdam, 1975-1976

Member of the Council of Shiraz University, 1976-1979, 1989-1991

Visiting Scholar, Astronomy and Astrophysics Center, University of Chicago, 1984-1985

Associate fellow, International Center for Theoretical Physics, 1987-1993

Fellow, The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), 1987 – present

Fellow, Iran Academy of Sciences, 1988 – present

Visiting Professor, Physics Department, Northeastern University, Boston, 1991-1992

Founder, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), 1992

Professor of Physics, IASBS, 1991-2021

Founding President, IASBS, 1992-2010

Founder, Center for Research in Climate Change and Global Warming, IASBS, 2012

Founding Director, Center for Research in Climate Change and Global Warming, IASBS, 2012-present

Head, Academy of Sciences of Iran, Basic Sciences Branch, 2012-2019

Adjunct Professor, International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network (ICRANET), Pescara, Italy, 2015





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